Bermuda Cruises

This neat and tidy oasis in the middle of the Atlantic is edged with pink sand beaches and rocky cliffs. Aside from the Caribbean and the Bahamas, the 21 square mile island nation of Bermuda sitting in the Atlantic roughly parallel to casablanca is the other major cruise destination from the eastern seaboard of america.

Bermuda became a crown colony in 1620 and remains one today, retaining a very British character the island is divided into parishes, driving is on the left, and horse drawn carriages trot about, but the sun and ubiquitous Bermuda shorts serve as proof that your in the island.

There are many powdery soft beaches easily accessible by taxi or motor scooter, and Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than any other place in the world. For shoppers Front and Queen streets in Hamilton have dozens of shops and department stores, most specializing in English items, while the interest of history buffs is pique by the 300 year old St Peters church, museums and other sites within walking distance of the docks.

When to Travel:

Summer is prime time for Bermuda cruises and you will find departures beginning in late April or early May through October (when the temperatures hover between 75F and 85F). Only a few cruise lines offer this destination on some of their smallest vessels, as cruise ship traffic is controlled to keep the island from getting overcrowded.

Getting There:

Five and seven-day Bermuda cruise vacations are among the most common trips available, with some of the more extended cruises lasting upwards of nine or eleven days. New York is a popular embarkation point for Bermuda cruises, as are Boston and Philadelphia, and perhaps could be combined with a cruise and stay holiday in New York.celebrity cruises and royal caribbean cruises departing from southampton uk sometimes break a transatlantic journey in Bermuda

Kings Wharf

Now Bermuda’s main port, historic Kings Wharf in the West End is the only one of the countrys three ports with the facilities to handle todays meda ships. It’s located in the extreme north west of bermuda on Ireland island, the wharf is part of the 6 acre doyal naval dockyard.

Bermuda maritime museum

Bermuda maritime museum exhibits are housed in six large halls within yhe complex and the displays all relate to bermuda’s long connection to the sea. You can have a look at maps, ship models, and such artefacts as gold bars, pottery; jewellery, and silver coins recovered from 16th and 17th century shipwrecks.

modern clocktower mall

Modern Clocktower Mall reopened in 1990 with 10 shops. Today, with more than 24 shops, it brims with major department stores and interesting boutiques. The Mall and surrounding buildings were formerly warehouses and administrative buildings for the Royal Navy. They are now occupied by boutique shops and souvenir stores. Some of the largest Bermuda stores are located in the Dockyards area. There is a well-stocked pharmacy and works by local artists are available at the Bermuda Crafts Market on Maritime Lane. Duty-free staples, such as jewelry and watches, area also available on Hamilton’s Front Street, which is a 20-minute ferry ride away

Bermuda train company

The Bermuda Train Company offers an hour-long tour ($27) of Dockyard and nearby Lagoon Park aboard its colorful open-air mini-train in the high season

Frog and onion Pub

The Frog & Onion Pub is Bermuda’s most unique Pub. Housed in the mid 18th century Cooperage in the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, a leisure walk from King’s and Heritage Wharfs and the ferry dock. The menu features a selection of Traditional English style pub food, innovative entrees and seafood

Bottlenose Dolphin

Have fun interacting and playing alongside these graceful Bottlenose Dolphins, under the guidance of experienced animal trainers. Dolphin Quest was originally created in 1984, by two renowned Marine Mammal Veterinarians

Royal Naval Dockyard Map

The King’s Wharf cruise ship berths are within the ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD complex. In addition to the Snorkel Park, there is the BERMUDA MARITIME MUSEUM, the DOLPHIN QUEST attraction and the various shops, artisans, pubs and restaurants that are located within the restored building of the Dockyard complex.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is the Oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world. Although there’s a 185-step climb to the top, the panoramic view of Bermuda and its shoreline from the balcony makes the exertion worthwhile



Only medium and small ships dock in Hamilton. Ships tie up at piers smack dab in the middle of town and the rerminal funnels prople into themaib shopping drag on Front St.

Front Street

Front Street in Hamilton runs along the harbor and is really the main bustling place of Bermuda. The first thing you will notice here is the row of pastel colored buildings that are designed from the typical colonial architecture. Coopers is one of the flagship retail stores of Bermuda located on the Front Street.However, due to high import duties, items in many of the shops here are more expensive than in the U.K.

Lobby of Underwater Institute

Bermuda underwater exploration institute close to the dock features 2 floors of interactive exhibits about the ocean plus the highlight, a capsule that simulates 11,800′ dive below the oceans surface.

Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton entry over drawbridge where you can see how they cut down through solid coral to make the mote- which now contains a pathway through a beautiful garden. Fort has fantastic views of Hamilton and you can even see the ocean to the South of Bermuda. Nice interpretive signs showing the cannons-which swing up to fire, and you can go through the fortress below and see where powder and shells were stored. Quite fun and some benches to rest.

St George

St George

Because most ships are too big to dock here. this charming little town is visited only by those taking a tour or willing to use a bus, ferry, or taxi to reach it.

St Peters Church

St Peters church Contains a wealth of different architectural styles from the 17th century onwards; best known for being the oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere.

Kings Square

Kings Square located in the center of St. George parish, this square contains stocks, a pillory and a whipping post, replicas of those used to punish criminals over 400 years ago.This is a nice place to have lunch as there are several good pubs in the square

Open gun floor with several 10″ Rifled Muzzle Loading (RML) guns, in Fort St. Catherine, St George’s Parish, Bermuda.

Fort St. Catherine’s location gives wonderful views of the shoreline. Catherine’s Beach is found on one side of the fort. The have several exhibits inside the fort and they “fire” off the cannon during tours they offer there.


Bermuda ferries are a unique and wonderful way during the day, evening and part of the night to see Bermuda. From Hamilton City Ferry terminal, the Bermuda ferry either takes you to the east of the island (St George) or to the west (Kings Wharf Dockyard). For More Information Contact the Bermuda Tourism